City of Birmingham prepares for threat of winter weather

Highway 31 in Jan. 2014

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Emergency and road crews across our area are preparing for the threat of winter weather Friday.

They city of Birmingham says they are ready if there is snow or ice.

“We have our public works department that will have sand ready and put it down in conjunction with ALDOT and with Jefferson County. A lot of roads are sprayed with a bronze solution put down that helps with the ice,” said Director of Mayor’s Office of Citizens Assistance Don Lupo.

Lupo said that roads to hospitals and emergency facilities are their top priority.

The Jefferson County emergency management operations center is located at City Hall for city and county leaders to work together.

“The emergency management agency is always at level one regardless of what’s going on; they are always monitoring things as an event might ramp up, then they bring more resources in,” said Lupo.

Drivers say they will be cautious on the roadways.

“Especially if there is any chance of rain or snow, I will follow the speed limit and really watch for any winter advisory or anything that could have a hazard on the road,” said driver Chris Day.

“I will be driving extra slow, making sure that I don’t leave my house if it seems like there will be a lot of snow on the ground,” motorist Isabel Hagoo said.

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