Woodstock Police Chief asks businesses to up security after burglary investigations

WOODSTOCK, Ala. (WIAT) — Burglars have been breaking into some Bibb County storage facilities, and police are hoping that surrounding facilities will up security to make catching crooks a bit easier.

Woodstock Police Chief Len Price tells CBS 42 News that two different storage rental buildings were broken into during December, including the Highway 11 Mini Storage.

Chief Price says the suspects stole: clothing, bicycles, generators, and many other valuable items and they have arrested two men and charged them with burglary after an investigation.

Price tells CBS42 that neither facility had video security cameras set up, and is encouraging other Woodstock businesses to invest in the security technology to help protect themselves from criminals.

“Be more cautious, and it wouldn’t hurt if they had camera systems up in place to watch over the storage facility,” Price said. “And if people use better locks, that might help deter them a little bit.”

Woodstock Police are now in the process of returning the stolen items back to their owners.

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