Cullman County EMA prepares for possible wintry weather

CULLMAN COUNTY, Ala. (WIAT) — Leaders in Cullman County are not taking any chances, they’re making sure people there are ready and safe when the weather hits.

The Cullman County Emergency Management Agency is making sure they’re ready to go should the area see any wintry weather. In the meantime, they’re checking generators, making sure vehicles have gas and checking all of their equipment.

They’re alerting schools, law enforcement and other critical agencies whenever they get weather updates. Things are pretty much on standby as they try to figure out what this storm will bring.

Phyllis Little with Cullman County EMA says the terrain presents some challenges when it comes to preparing for wintry weather. She says sometimes the south end of the county has similar conditions to Birmingham while the northern end can resemble the Huntsville area.

“I’ve had snow significant snow accumulations north of highway 278 and nothing on the ground to the south,” said Little.

During any weather event, the EMA focuses most of its attention on the major arteries and roadways in the area, roads like Highway 157, Highway 31, steep roads leading to Smith Lake and bridges in sheltered areas where the sun won’t hit.

In any event, Little says the county prefers snow over ice.

“Snow we can handle, we can’t clear the roads we don’t have the snow plows to do that, snow doesn’t usually bring down power lines power companies have been really good over the years about keeping the right of ways clear so a snow event is usually more of a nuisance,” said Little.

Little says if you live on a secondary road, you may just have to tough it out for a bit.

Cullman County EMA will continue to update its Facebook and Twitter pages with any information you need to know.

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