One Class at a Time: Springville High School

SPRINGVILLE, Ala. (WIAT) — Right before the holiday break, a Springville High School teacher got an early gift from the One Class at a Time team.

Ms. Amy Box walked into a lunchroom full of high school students who helped with the surprise! Box says she was truly shocked. She can’t wait to use the money to help teach her students something close to our hearts, broadcasting!

“My broadcasting classes need some equipment desperately.  I was looking at the website and saw that grant and thought, ‘maybe I can buy a camera with that?’ We do have some old equipment, but the quality is not even as good as the students’ cell phones, so we’ve been using their cell phones to film. I’m hoping we can get all that equipment and build a better program for broadcasting,” said Box.

Besides the functionality of a new camera, Box says there is also less practical reason for the purchase.

“They like to use the big cameras! They feel like they are important and they are the real broadcasters. I think they are going to be so excited and I think they are going to get more out of the class when they have some equipment that is more like what they might use in broadcasting,” Box said.

With new equipment and a little practice, these students could find themselves with a career right here on CBS42!

Click here to apply for the grant! Good luck!

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