Tuscaloosa Salvation Army opening Thursday night to shelter those in need

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT) — Because the weather is getting colder, a Tuscaloosa shelter will open its doors to give those in need a warm place to stay.

From Thursday night until Saturday, the Salvation Army homeless shelter on Greensboro Avenue will be used as a warming station. Spokesperson Ken Swindle says it is just the right thing to do to help people.

“Well that’s what the Salvation Army does, we are a faith based organization and that’s what we do. We help the people who are down and out and by doing a warming station like this we are touching people who may have a home but might not have gas or heat in their home. And they can come to the Salvation Army and get some warm meals and have a warm place and a safe place to come,” Swindle said.

The homeless shelter has 70 beds and as many as 100 cots. The Salvation Army will provide hot meals for those in need. The building also has laundry facilities and a large cafeteria.

Ken Swindle is asking the community for help. The Salvation Army needs extra blankets and sheets for the next few days. If you want to donate just drop off the items at the shelter on Greensboro Avenue.

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