Security measures at National Championship

TAMPA, Fla. (WIAT) — The stadium is set to have more than 65,000 people Monday night for the National Championship Game. Tampa Police are working around the clock on security.

Tampa’s Police Chief Eric Ward says hosting the biggest game of the year and a huge event like this is nothing new. They have a plan that works and they are going to execute that to make sure all the fans feel safe.

Chief Ward tells CBS42 that visibility is key. The presence is to help keep order and make fans feel safe.

He says there is a lot going on behind the scenes they can’t talk about.

“This event, we want to highlight the city and the treasures we have,” Chief Ward said. “So the guys you will encounter that is the normal routine for them. In the city of Tampa, my goal is to treat everyone with dignity and respect. If we can accomplish that in the process of keeping the city safe, we will have a great event.”

Chief Ward says the shooting at the Fort Lauderdale Airport did change their plan just a bit. Chief Ward couldn’t go into too many specifics, but he says they have officers on visible patrol and also undercover.

“It’s not our first rodeo,” Chief Ward said. “We’ve hosted the RNC and four Super Bowls, so to us we dust off our plans and we take those plans and implement what is currently trending and hopefully we will conclude this event without any major incidents.”

So far things appear to be running very smoothly. There are metal detectors at just about every indoor event and the clear bag policy will be in place at the stadium Monday night.

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