Nearby evacuees speak about “overwhelming” moments around credit union hostage situation

Courtesy of Tim Reid/CBS42

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT) — The standoff between the robber of an Alabama Credit Union and Tuscaloosa Police lasted two hours. The ordeal impacted many local businesses in the surrounding area, and a large portion of Paul W. Bryant Drive to University Boulevard was shut down during the hostage situation.

Delisa Conwell’s office was evacuated, and a total of 30 workers at the University Orthopedic Clinic were told by police to leave the building. Conwell told CBS42 News that from her window she could see police helicopters, vehicles and officers dressed in tactical swat gear.

“It’s overwhelming, this is something I would normally watch on TV, I never thought it would be right down the street from us,” Conwell said. “My supervisor came and said we were on lock down, but wasn’t sure at that time what happened. Later on, she told us what happened, and told us something was going on at the credit union. Then a Tuscaloosa Police officer came to tell us that they had a hostage situation going on.”

Conwell says her physical therapy officer was evacuated for two hours. All Police gave the all clear, workers were allowed to go back inside.

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