Pleasant Grove gun shop broken into five times since 2013

PLEASANT GROVE, Ala. (WIAT) — Police are looking for a man who tried to break into a gun shop, using a sledgehammer.

The reported break-in happened around 2 a.m. on Sunday at Pleasant Grove Gun Supply on Park Road.

There is still a hole in the back of the store, where Lt. Danny Reid with the Pleasant Grove Police Department said the man spent about 30 minutes pounding the cinder block wall.

According to Reid, nothing was stolen and the man never made it into the store.

“We believe he was just simply spooked by the alarm,” Reid said.

This is the fifth time Pleasant Grove Gun Supply has been targeted since late 2013. Reid told CBS42 News that a total of 47 guns were stolen during break-ins that took place in September and December of 2013, May of 2015 and July of 2016.

Of the 47 guns taken from the store, Reid said police have recovered 24. Only the December 2013 case remains unsolved.

The owner of Pleasant Grove Gun Supply did not want to comment, but Reid said that after every incident, the store added extra security measures, in the form of alarms, cameras and fences over the windows and doors.

Reid said that those extra security steps might still not be enough.

“Guns on the street are a very hot commodity,” Reid said. “When you have someone in 17-degree weather with a sledgehammer beating a hole in the wall, that tells you how bad they want [guns], and that they’re not going to stop. Whether in Pleasant Grove, whether in Birmingham, or whether in California; they’re just not going to stop.”

gun-store-break-in-3  gun-store-break-in-2

The man who tried to get into the gun shop Sunday morning was wearing a hunting mask and black clothing. He was driving a mid-2000’s model Chevy Tahoe.

If you have any information that can help investigators with this case, call the Pleasant Grove Police Department at (205) 744-1735.

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