Disaster relief trailers stolen from Tuscaloosa County Baptist Association

TUSCALOOSA COUNTY, Ala. (WIAT) — UPDATE: Northport Police have recovered all the trailers from the Tuscaloosa County Baptist Association.

ORIGINAL: Authorities in Tuscaloosa County are looking for thieves who stole disaster relief trailers from a church organization.

The theft happened on Christmas. Leaders of the Tuscaloosa County Baptist Association say they just want their property returned. Missions director Eric Boykin is in disbelief.

“These are trailers we use to feed people, churches take these to incidents like Katrina or floods or fires and take care of people in need,” Boykin said.

According to the association, three trailers were stolen from them; two of those are food trailers used for disaster relief. Inside, the trailers contained three stoves, generators and pressure washers, for a total value of $75,000.

“These trailers have in them things like chain saws to help clean up after disasters, or stoves to help cook for people who just had their houses burned. Or whatever,”  Boykin explained.

Boykin said the suspects took a sledgehammer to the locks and stole the trailers, but weren’t sneaky enough to stay off their surveillance cameras while doing it. The suspects used a truck to drive off with the trailers.

“I guess the biggest thing is we would like to see everything get recovered, and more than anything we’d like to see these people get help. And we do want justice to be served,” Boykin reflected.

The Tuscaloosa County Baptist Association is located on Highway 69 in Northport. It is a network for all 80 baptist churches in the county.

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