Homewood continues repaving projects on jarring Valley Ave

HOMEWOOD, Ala. (WIAT) — The city of Homewood currently has two repaving projects underway and people in the area say the improvements are long overdue.

One project encompasses Valley Avenue and West Valley Avenue. The second project includes several local roads that have been identified as needing the most work. Phase one of that project has already been completed, repaving 5.5 miles, and city officials hope phase two will begin around mid-to-late March.

Last March we told you about a pothole on Valley that was causing flat tires.

“It shook my whole car! So I knew that I got a pothole pretty hard,” motorist Terri Goeman said after getting a flat.

Our reporter called the mayor and the hole was patched before our story aired. A week later we took Mayor Scott McBrayer for a ride on some of the bumpiest roads in town.

“When you hit a pothole like you just did then, I think it kind of comes to mind to people ‘Oh my goodness, the roads in Homewood are terrible,” McBrayer admitted.

The mayor said at the time they would continue to patch the potholes because a plan was in the works to resurface the roads

Then in June the city council approved spending up to 2.3 million dollars for repaving projects in Homewood.

“We have a lot of construction that needs to be done on the roads. It’s tearing up people’s cars,” said Cynthia Smith, who drives through Homewood often.

The plans are finally coming together. Berkley Squires, Director of Homewood Public Services said right now there are two paving projects underway in Homewood.

One covers the stretch of pavement along Valley and West Valley Avenue where crews are working on curbs, gutters and storm drain covers as well as pouring asphalt. Ultimately the entire stretch will be resurfaced.

“People would look at Homewood as being more economically thriving if the roads were better. And it would encourage more people to drive on the roads if they were safer,” said Samford Student and Homewood resident Anna Boldt.

Squires could not provide a firm end date for the work on Valley Avenue, but he said the local paving projects will continue until the money allocated for them runs out.

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