The impact of repealing Obamacare

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — UAB experts who spoke with CBS42 say if the Affordable Care Act is repealed, that likely doesn’t mean you are going to lose your coverage overnight. It does appear lawmakers and President-elect Donald Trump are trying to come up with a replacement that may include some of the positive aspects of the Affordable Care Act.

Some of the components that are likely to continue are remaining on parents’ coverage until age 26, coverage even with preexisting conditions and keeping coverage you may have gotten through the Affordable Care Act.

Experts are still concerned about what this could mean for assistance paying for insurance.

“We provide greater cash assistance to those who are poor and the idea was to get more money to people just above the federal poverty level,” David Becker, UAB Associate Professor School of Public Health, said. “Most of their cost of health insurance coverage is covered under the Affordable Care Act and for those people, they stand the most to lose under a lot of the Republican proposals we’ve seen to changing the nature of those subsidies or financial assistance. It could mean big increases in premiums for lower income people who are receiving a lot of help right now.”

Will Ferniany, CEO UAB Health System said, “If we have stability and we know what the rules are, we can adapt to them and we can do fine. We’ve spent 7 years, as you said, adapting to a set of rules called the Affordable Care Act, the problem now is we don’t know what the rules will be. So, all we can do is watch, pay attention and then be ready to act in a flexible manner when we know what the new rules are.”

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