eCO Savings Race: Team Jackson update

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (CBS42 Community) — Team Jackson is one of the three finalists in the 5th edition of the eCO Savings Race. Quintin and Michelle say that the surprise and thrill of being selected as finalists is one they will remember forever.

“We received a phone call from our coaches stating that we needed to be prepared to watch the news, that was when the finalists were going to be announced,” Michelle said.

“They were like drumroll please… we were in here drum rolling on everything,” said Quintin. “And when Team Jackson came up, we were screaming and yelling. That was a great feeling.”

The Jacksons say that reaching this point in their financial journey has required a few adjustments to their lifestyle.

“Cutting cable, oh my gosh, that was one of the biggest things that we really had to come to terms with. And not eating out. Like, our schedules at times were so hectic and so busy, that eating out was a very comfortable thing for our family. But it has required prior planning,” Michelle said.

Now that their financial picture has improved, the Jacksons have big plans for the future.

“We are going to try to look into retirement–retirement early–so we can enjoy it. That’s one of our life goals,” Quintin said.

The Jackson’s coaches have provided this week’s eCO Savings Race Takeaway Tip:

While you are trying to get out of debt, making sacrifices can help you reach your goals faster. Whether it’s eliminating eating out, or a daily coffee run, or even cutting cable, the small sacrifices can free up funds to give your debt snowball momentum. 

What can you cut back on to reach your financial goals? Follow along at

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