One Class at a Time: Shades Valley Technical Academy

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Ala. (CBS42 Community) — The exceptional education teachers at Shades Valley Technical Academy have an extra $1,000 to spend on their classroom. The One Class at the Time team surprised Ms. Crabtree and Mr. Ferguson with grant money earlier this week. They plan to use the extra cash to help their special education students practice practical life skills.

When we caught up with the class on Tuesday, the students were preparing for a special outing.

“Today we’ll be going on a bowling trip. We have to pay for bus drivers etcetera,” said Ferguson.

Their grant money will be used to help special education students with practical life skills in the real world.

“It will be utilized for a variety of things. One thing that we do is attempt to get them out into the community as much as possible. Whether it’s shopping trips, or going out and teaching them to interact with others in society, like restaurant visits…It could be a numerous amount of things that we can do with (the money),” Ferguson said. “Our program sometimes goes overlooked. And just knowing that we have the funds to do many of the daily skills that they need is just a tremendous blessing.”

That blessing wouldn’t be possible without sponsors America’s First Financial, Little Caesars, Pepsi, and World of Wheels.

“I would like to say thanks a million. Once again, there are many that applied that could have gotten it, so we count it as a tremendous blessing to have been selected for the grant,” Ferguson said.

Apply for a One Class at a Time here. Good luck!

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