Sister March in Birmingham

BIRMINGHAM, ALA (WIAT) – Thousands came out to the Sister March in downtown Birmingham Saturday afternoon.

It started at Kelly Ingram Park where people were singing, giving the peace sign, holding signs, and letting their voices be heard on issues that matters to them.

“There are a lot of gender based violence, domestic violence, sexual assault these are all things that are problems in our society,” said Jessica Caldas.

“I don’t think anyone should tell us what we can or cannot do with our body’s, I am for equality I am for love and love trumps hate everyday,” said Cessie Abu.

Some getting creative with their outfits including a group of women wearing construction outfits, with hardhats that said “nasty women at work.”

“We are women and ready to get to work and be active and of course the nasty women is a reference to our current president’s comments to other powerful women so I feel it’s appropriate to reclaim that as sort of our own moniker,” said Caldas.

From Kelly Ingram they made their way to the streets.

“I’m here for women’s rights, because women’s rights are human rights,” said one marcher.

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