eCO Savings Race: Team Stephenson update

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (CBS42 Community) — Danielle and Jeremy Stephenson have made it to the finals of the 5th edition of the eCO Savings Race.

“I was doing my weekly shopping, and I got a phone call. I just happened to hear it and pulled it out, I knew it was from Jamie, so I was kind of hoping it was a call! So I was excited that it was,” Danielle said.

“I was driving home from work, and Danielle called and let me know that Shep said we made it to the final three. So we’re very excited,” said Jeremy.

After months of hard work improving their overall financial picture, Danielle lets us in on one some of their secrets to success!

“I started thinking about what I was buying. The chips and the cookies and the crackers are really expensive. I sat down and looked at the receipts, and (junk food) is anywhere from about $40 to $60 a month,” said Danielle. “As far as the budget, sitting down and agreeing to it was the biggest thing. Because, before, it was just my budget. It wasn’t our budget. Now it’s our budget.”

Now this united team plans to finish the eCO Savings Race strong!

“It’s very rewarding to see some of the hard work pay off. We know we had some stiff competition, so we feel very blessed that we were selected,” Jeremy said.

The Stephenson’s coaches have provided this week’s eCO Savings Takeaway Tip:
It’s important to have accountability when creating a budget. If you‘re married, work on your monthly budget with your spouse and be sure you are on the same page. If you’re single, choose someone to help hold you accountable as you stick to your spending plan.

Follow along with all the teams at  

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