Carnival Fantasy passenger: ‘People were getting sick everywhere’

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Carnival cruise passengers describe the ending of their trip as a miserable experience.

The cruise ship, Fantasy, was delayed arriving in Mobile for a day because of rough seas. Passengers who got off the ship Tuesday tell us just about everyone got seasick.

Passenger, Carissa Pollentier, went on the cruise with her girlfriends. This was her ninth cruise, and she says she has never experienced this type of weather.

She told us the waves reached fifteen feet, and the ship never stopped rocking back and forth, making it difficult to walk around.

“People were getting sick everywhere, they had puke bags outside the elevator. It was rough,” she said.

Passenger Brian Wistof was on a 30th anniversary trip with his wife. He says he had a wonderful trip, but that his wife had to take constant Dramamine when the ship stalled in the Gulf.

“Whether you worked on the cruise or whatever, you walked funny…side to side. You walked into tables,” Wistof said.

Some passengers say they are reluctant to board another cruise for a while, however, they had nothing but compliments for the Carnival staff. They said the Captain kept them abreast of all the changes. They add the staff went out of their way to make them comfortable.

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