Ashley’s Mom Blog: Soccer Shots

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Welcome to the first blog post for the Ashley mom blog series. Here I will discuss a little bit more about the things I’m doing on and off air. I’ll be sharing what I do with the kids during my time away from work. I’ll let you see some behind the scenes elements from days like today when I’m out on a shoot for work. And I’ll be sharing all sorts of things to keep you informed in the parenting world here in central Alabama.

Today, I want to show you the fun I had on my shoot at Odyssey Early Education Center at Trace Crossings. First, let me tell you a little inspiration behind the story. As a working mom, you can sometimes feel guilty that your kids maybe aren’t as involved as other kids simply because you don’t have the time. So, I am always looking for opportunities for my kids to be involved while really maximizing their minutes. This is how I stumbled upon soccer shots.

For the full story, you’ll have to tune in Monday at 6:15 am on the CBS 42 morning news but I will give you a  small peek behind the scenes today. Soccer shots is basically a traveling group of coaches that teach soccer fundamentals to children. The lessons aren’t just about how to score goals on a soccer field, but also how to live out goals in their own lives. The classes start as early as two years old and go up to eight years old. So, as a working mom, this is an opportunity for my child to learn some valuable life skills while having fun and burning off a little bit of energy too. Double win. I love how this group of kids is so supportive and encouraging, celebrating each other in each of their small victories. I think these are lessons we can all embrace, even as grownups.

To see how these classes operate, where they’re located, and how they hope to expand across Central Alabama be sure to tune in Monday to Ashley’s Mom Monday.

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