One Class at a Time: Warrior Elementary School

WARRIOR, Ala. (CBS42 Community) — Ms. Allyson McCombs is the latest teacher to win our One Class at a Time grant! We surprised her during an assembly- and she had no clue we were coming.

“Just this week, I said, ‘I guess I’m going to have to give up on my robots because I’ll have to get them next year or another time.’ So, I hadn’t really given up, but I just thought I’ll have to apply for something else,” said McCombs.

Just when she has almost given up hope, Little Caesar showed up holding a $1,000 grant check. With this money, McCombs will be able to teach all the kids in the school about coding and robotics.

“There’s bebots, which are smaller bots, for my younger grades that do color coding all the way up to dash and dot which does coding for older grades. So [this money] is going to meet the needs for pre-k through fifth grade,” McCombs said. “Never give up on anything you’re trying to achieve for your kids because someone out there is listening and it can happen for your children. Just keep trying.”

To try for your own One Class at a Time grant, click here:

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