Ashley’s Mom Monday: Soccer Shots

(WIAT) — As the slogan says, it’s more than an extra circular activity, it’s an experience.

“It’s not about the game of soccer,” said Jason Kendall, owner of Soccer Shots. “It’s also about the character and the life lessons that we teach, like confidence and team-work and sharing and respect.”

This is as fun for the kids as it is the coaches.

“I remember there was a kid and every time they would do a control move, you know, I would have to hold her hand because she didn’t have the stability to do it and then one day, she let go,” said Stephanie White, a coach at Soccer Shots. “She just had it and it was perfect and it brought a tear to my eye. She’s growing up and doing it on her own now. She’s getting that independence and it’s wonderful and any time I see little moments like that, it reminds me of why what I’m doing is so important.”

A weekly class exposing kids to sport, but really focusing on sportsmanship.

“Teaching them about character and respect,” said Stephanie Reither, a coach at Soccer Shots. “Teach them a new character word every week. We try to make sure they understand what that really means and how to implement in their lives so they can learn to take home new stuff we teach them.”

Every class ends with a feeling of encouragement and pride.

“One of my favorite parts about Soccer Shots is when the kids have the opportunity to score a goal,” Kendall said. “At the end of each practice we do that and watch their faces light up and realize they can do it.”

If Soccer Shots is not in your school, you may be interested in one of their new park programs starting up this spring. To find a complete list of communities that Soccer Shots serves, click here.

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