Americans expected to consume 1.3 billion wings this Sunday

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — According to the National Chicken Council, Big Game fans are expected to consume 1.33 billion wings this Sunday. The NCC says that’s 166.25 million pounds of chicken wings.

Americans are expected to eat more wings than ever before.

The Workforce Institute says 16.5 million people are expected to call in sick on Monday, another 7.5 million say they’ll be late to work.

Heinz recently created a petition hoping to ‘Make the Monday after The Big Game A Holiday” . Do you think Monday should be a holiday? Chime in here.

Meanwhile, local restaurants are preparing for the expected rush for wings.

Wings are popular at the Papa John’s in Downtown Birmingham. Employees there say they already have orders places for pizza and wings ahead of the Big Game.

Last year, they sold hundreds of boxes of pizzas and expect the same this year. They even have a pep talk ahead of the big day to get hyped up for the busy day.

Employees at Jefferson’s Restaurant in Hoover, known for its wings, say Sunday is one of their busiest days. Jefferson’s is usually closed every Sunday, but they open their doors for Big Game Sunday every year.

“We’re expecting a lot of to-go orders because like last year year before that always a lot of to-go orders that’s part of the main reason we open,” said Lexi Cullom, a bartender at Jefferson’s Restaurant.

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