Former Governor Don Siegelman arriving in Birmingham after release from Louisiana prison

(WIAT) — UPDATE FEB. 8: Former governor Don Siegelman has been released. He arrived at the Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport around 3:40 p.m., and was greeted at the airport by several supporters and well-wishers.

Siegelman’s colleague Chip Hill is expected to issue a release on the former governor’s situation later in the day.

UPDATE FEB. 7: Don Siegelman’s attorney has issued a statement to CBS42 about his release:

“As this dark and difficult time in his life comes to an end, Don Siegelman’s courage and grace and innocence shine through. We are overjoyed at the thought that we will have him back with us again. At a time of such unrest and uncertainty, the world will be a better place with Don Siegelman back in it.” – Gregory B. Craig


Former governor of Alabama Don Siegelman is set to be released from prison in Louisiana this Wednesday, February 8, according to a trusted source.

Siegelman was convicted of bribery in 2006 in connection with Richard Scrushy’s HealthSouth case. In the time since his conviction, Siegelman’s friends and family have been tirelessly working to ensure either an early release or full pardon for him as he’s continued to offer his opinions on Alabama’s political happenings from federal prison in Louisiana.

In Siegelman’s last letter, he told CBS42 News that he was “at peace” with Obama’s decision not to offer him a pardon.

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The release from the Lousiana prison will not be the end of Siegelman’s term, as he is planned to be on restricted supervised probation for six months and unsupervised probation for an unspecified amount of time after that.

Read the full statement from Chip Hill, Siegelman’s friend and former aide, below.

Governor Siegelman has been told that he will be released Wednesday. He will be on very restricted supervised probation for an initial period of time.  This is expected to be about six months.  Following that, he will be on unsupervised probation for an extended, but not yet specified, period of time. Immediately after returning home, he will report to an assigned probation officer who will provide him with much more detailed information about what restrictions he will have, including specifics regarding media access.

Naturally, his family and many friends are very excited about his release and very much look forward to seeing him.


Chip Hill

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