Heart Week: Warnings for women

(WIAT) — Women know so many phone numbers by heart, but do you know your own number? Not your own phone number, but your own heart numbers.

You should know because women are more likely to die from heart disease than breast cancer. Nearly every minute in America, a woman dies from a heart attack, stroke or another form of cardiovascular disease. 80% of cases, according to the American Heart Association, are preventable. You prove the statistic wrong by being proactive about your health – seek medical attention and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Sometimes being proactive doesn’t prevent the inevitable. However, education about what could happen may save your life, like it did Torria Williams-Samples.

Torria suffered a stroke and major aneurysm in her 30s. As an active mom, friend and wife contentious of her health, she still did not expect to be a part of the statistics. Nearly three years ago, Torria called her sister, Natasha Marbury, moments before having the massive stroke. After three days in a coma, Torria miraculously woke up. Alive but with no memory, ability to walk, talk or eat. Fast forward to the present day, and Torria is walking, talking and being the best version of herself. That is a mom, friend and wife. Torria says that information she learned at a Go Red event taught her the signs that saved her life.

The constellation of signs is part of the problem. For women, there are many other symptoms. Some can be far more subtle compared to men.

Signs to look out for in the case of a heart attack that differs from men: shortness of breath, irregular pain in the lower or upper back, jaw pain, sweating, unusual fatigue, pain in one or both arms, dizziness, and nausea.

For a woman experiencing a stroke, know the acronym FAST.

F – face drooping

A – arm weakness

S – speech difficulty

T – time to call 9-1-1

No matter the gender or age, you are at risk of suffering from heart disease, stroke or heart attack. Family history and currently health issues are also factors to take very seriously. For more information on your heart health as a female, click here.

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