Ashley’s Mom Monday: Local children honor mom for Valentine’s Day

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Valentine’s Day can sometimes cause a little anxiety, but these precious ones from Hilltop Montessori School are stress-free as they wish their first loves, their moms, a special Valentine’s Day.

What is your favorite thing about your mom?

  • “I love that she always helps me with my homework”
  • “That she lets me play”
  • “I like how my mom is funny”
  • “Cooks dinner”
  • “She is always buying me Pokémon cards”
  • “I think she is pretty”
  • “She watched me play Minecraft PE”
  • “She knows what I like and that’s what I like about her”
  • “She makes me feel better whenever I’m sad”
  • “She takes me to the ice cream store”
  • “She does everything for me”
  • “When we went to Chuckie Cheese”
  • “Loving”
  • “Funny, fantastical, happy”
  • “Sometimes funny”
  • “I get to see her every day”
  • “Her smiles and her hugs and how she tries to make the hard work fun”
  • “Sweet and amazing”

What is a way that your mom shows loves?

  • “She hugs, kisses me”
  • “She lets me play with my toys”
  • “She’s full of laughter, caring and kindness”
  • “She gave me cake for my first birthday and what I did with that cake is that I wanted to share it with everybody so I put my hands in the cake and fed it out to everyone”

If you could give your mom a Valentine’s wish, what would you tell your mom?

  • “I would tell her to have the best Valentine’s ever and that I really, really love her”
  • “I wish she could do whatever she wanted in the whole entire world”
  • “To go on a trip to somewhere we’ve never been to, like Asia”
  • “She could do whatever she loved forever”

What is one of your favorite things about your mom?

“That she dyed her hair when she was about 13. She said she dyed it aquamarine-ish.”

“I love my mommy as much as my heart can hold.”

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