Political power struggle in Brighton in light of threatening voicemail

BRIGHTON, Ala. (WIAT) — “I hope you know that you and Rhonda Bean are the embarrassment of the city, not us,” said Brighton councilwoman Ashley Henderson in a voicemail she left her colleague Lonnie Murry, Sr. whom she accused of playing petty politics.

The newly elected councilwoman left the two-minute long voicemail for councilman Murry and he and councilwoman Rhonda Bean left a special called meeting last week.

We’re told they left the meeting because it didn’t start on time and they couldn’t meet quorum.

What seems obvious here is a power struggle between a 25-year old mayor whose very election was challenged and the divide of young first time council members versus those who have served for years and with it came a continued war of words.

“I had got a phone call from one of the city councilors threatening me on my cell phone what she going to say to my wife and I don’t appreciate that,” said Councilman Murry.

“…and the next time you come for me, I’m gone come for you don’t tell me to call an Uber, I’m going to call your wife and tell her what you doing, I’m going to get the sisters to tell her what you’re doing like she don’t already know,” Henderson said on the voicemail.

Things got personal in Brighton in what appears to be petty politics between old and new – a power struggle about how to move the city forward, “you hit it dead on the head and that’s been going on ever since he’s been in office,” Murry said.

“…you or councilor Bean, don’t even come back to the council meetings, let it all play it out like you trying to do, don’t come back don’t show your face continue to not answer the phone,” Henderson continued in the voicemail.

In what Murry described as a threatening voicemail – CBS42 caught up with councilwoman Henderson to ask about the message she left, “I do not take back anything I said and he can find so many ways to not show up to council meetings to conduct any business, but you can show ways to be unprofessional,” she said.

“My voice speaks for itself, I don’t have to prove anything to anybody,” Murry said.

Although she advised him not to attend any more meetings in the voicemail, Henderson said he is more than welcome to return as long as he isn’t, “going to focus your attention on not being productive, please don’t waste the city’s time and don’t waste our time stay at home,” she said.

CBS42 spoke with Mayor Brandon Dean, who is out of town at this time, he said he fully agreed with councilwoman Henderson’s voicemail. However, councilman Murry stressed that the younger members on the council had no interest in listening to what elder members had to say.



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