This Day in History-Black History Month Edition: February 14th

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) – Frederick Douglass may have been born on this day, and Morehouse College was definitely founded on this day, only under a different name and location. All this and more in today’s special edition of, “This Day in History”.

On this day in 1818, “The Great Emancipator,” Frederick Douglass was born. While this day is considered his birthday, the exact year and date of Douglass’ birth are unknown. Late in life, Douglass chose to celebrate it on February 14th. He became one of the most famous intellectuals of his time, a leader of the abolitionist movement, and dazzled thousands with his oratory skills. Douglass was also an accomplished writer, writing on his experiences in slavery and his life after the Civil War.

On this day in 1867, “The Augusta Institute” was organized in Augusta, Georgia. The institution was founded to educate African-American men in theology and education. It was established in the Springfield Baptist Church, the oldest independent black church in the United States. The Institute went through a few changes over the years, including its location and name. By 1913, the school had relocated to Atlanta, Georgia, and became known as Morehouse College.

On this day in 1936, the National Negro Congress organized at Chicago. The meeting was attended by more than 800 delegates representing more than 500 organizations.


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