Family of man found dead in abandoned Eastlake house speaks out

EASTLAKE, Ala. (WIAT) — The mother of a homicide victim is speaking out as police continue to search for his killer.

“Well I hope that whoever they find that did it, fries in hell,” said Belinda Miller, the mother of 29-year old Lakota Miller, who was found dead inside of an abandoned home on 5th Terrace North.

On Friday night after 9:00 p.m. police discovered Lakota Miller shot to death inside of the abandoned home, but it’s how he allegedly got there that had his mother upset.

“I heard he was coming here to sell a gun and the guy didn’t want to pay for it and shot him,” Miller said.

Miller has a lengthy criminal record involving drugs and theft of property, but his family said it didn’t justify him losing his life.

“You didn’t have to kill him if it was a thing gone wrong you could have beat him up, but you didn’t have to kill him,” she said.

“Unfortunately that’s the reality of drugs–and drugs are a real problem, it’s not a white problem, it’s not a black problem – it’s a problem for us all,” said Robert Walker, the vice president of the Wahouma Neighborhood Association.

Walker told CBS42 that four women were squatting in the abandoned house and brought prostitution and drug activity to the home.

“The syringes were laying over here by this pool of water right here and there were well over 40,” Walker continued.

As the family coped with the sudden loss, Walker greeted them and expressed his condolences, “I’m just so sorry for you, and I pray God walks with you,” he said as he hugged Miller’s mother Belinda.

“…and I understand you all weren’t sure about which house it was, the white house right there is where it happened,” he said.

Police still have no suspects in custody; however. Miller’s family said they’re struggling financially to lay him to rest so they created a Go-Fund-Me account to help with expenses

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