School rallies around family after fatal crash

17-year-old Meagan and 9-year-old Michael Scoggins. Courtesy JeffCoEd.

MULGA, Ala. (WIAT) — The accident that took the lives of two children in Mulga yesterday has taken a toll on that community. The schools where the children attended have counselors on hand for students and faculty that want to talk.

“God’s taught us we should love eachother and through this difficult time we have no one else to depend on but eachother and ourselves to help, and God to help us get through this tragedy,” said Oak Grove High School principal Pam Dennis.

Pam Dennis has only been principal at Oak Grove High School since July, but she said she taught here for years and she lives in the community, so she knows the students well.

“Every person in this school who’s a faculty member here has taught at least one if not all three of these children,” said Dennis.

There were four siblings in the car when it crashed Monday on Highway 269 in Mulga, killing two and sending two others to the hospital.

Dennis said the deaths of Meagan and Michael Scoggins have been hard on the students and faculty.

“There’s an empty seat in that class today, so the counselors are following Meagan’s schedule today to meet with each one of those — with the faculty member and the students — in that class,” said Dennis.

Dennis said right now they’re trying to focus on the grieving Scoggins family and the two survivors of the crash.

“We’re allowing our students opportunities to sign a note that will be given to the Scoggins family. They can actually write a personal note or they can write something on the sign,” explained Dennis.

It’s a way for the students and faculty to cope with the loss.

Derrion Parrish, a senior at Oak Grove High School said he knew Meagan and had classes with her sister.

“[She’s] encouraging, you know. If you went up to talk to her she was gonna pull you in. She’ll be a friend to you,” said Parrish.

He said he hopes the messages will let the Scoggins family know they are loved.

“[We’re] making cards to try to encourage the family and making sure that they know that we’re here for them and that we’re looking out. If they need somebody to go to, that we’re here for them,” said Parrish.

There is a GoFundMe set up to benefit the family, which can be found by following this link here.



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