One Class at a Time: Fayetteville School

TALLADEGA COUNTY, Ala. (WIAT) — Ms. Stephanie Brooks had a particularly special Valentine’s Day on Tuesday!

She was surprised by Little Caesar with a $1,000 One Class at a Time grant check! All the K-12 students packed into the gym at Fayetteville School to see Brooks accept this special award.

When the principal called Brooks up in front of the whole school, “I thought, ‘Oh no, am I in trouble?’ All kinds of things went through my head. I wasn’t really sure, maybe somebody had an awesome Valentine’s present for me,” said Brooks.

The grant money will go towards Brooks’ STEAM program and will benefit all 700 students that make up the K-12 school.

“We are wanting to create a Lego wall within our Makerspace so we can really explore and tie those thinking skills into the curriculum,” Brooks said. “It’s all about these kids. And it’s about their future. If there’s something I do today and they come back and say, ‘It’s because of you I became an engineer. It’s because of you I became a scientist.’ I know I’m teaching our great next scientist!”

If you would like to apply for a One Class at a Time grant for your classroom, click here. 

Good luck! Maybe we will see you next week.

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