Liberty Park residents ask city leaders to fix traffic problems along Sicard Hollow

VESTAVIA HILLS, Ala. (WIAT) — People living in Liberty Park are growing concerned about a busy intersection causing some major safety issues. Now, they’re asking the city to step in to help.

Sicard Hollow Road at Liberty Parkway gets really jammed up during the morning and afternoon carpool. Parents are picking up and dropping off their kids at Liberty Park Elementary and Middle schools.

Drivers tell CBS42 that during rush hour the traffic backs up and creates some major safety issues especially when drivers try to illegally pass on the 2-lane road. It’s become a problem not just for people living in the area, but also for people trying to drive through the area.

People have grown so concerned that they’ve started an online petition to get the attention of the city. They’d like to see some sort of traffic study done on the intersection of Sicard Hollow Road and Liberty Parkway.

“Discussions are wonderful and discussions need to happen and quick change is not necessarily always the right way course forward, but discussions without actions for prolonged periods of time also don’t alleviate the issues,” said Liberty Park resident Sarah Monti.

Monti would like to see either a turn lane or center lane on Sicard Hollow in order to improve traffic flow.

City leaders say they’re already looking into solutions.

“We have proposed a new flow of the school traffic that would hopefully take the traffic off of Sicard Hollow and put it within the residential area rather than the heavily traveled street,” said City Manager Jeff Downes.

Downes says adding a lane would be expensive. The focus right now is on finding another fix.

“If money were not an object, we’d still have a major issue with regard to moving utility lines and gaining the needed right of way from the adjoining property to make it happen so it could not happen overnight anyway,” said Downes.

The city will reach out to the school system to come up with a plan to reroute school traffic. Right now, city leaders hope to have a new traffic plan in early April.

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