Local Muslims call for protection after recent email threat

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — There were calls for stepped-up police protection for the state’s Muslim community following emailed threats received by the Birmingham Islamic Society and the Huntsville Islamic Center.

The Muslim community isn’t a stranger to threats, but this time given the climate and specificity of the email,  they took the threat very seriously.

The Alabama chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-Alabama) said the emails, with the subject line “YOUR ONE WARNING, stated in part, (grammatical and spelling errors maintained) “. . .MUZLIMS MEXICANS BLACKS WE WILL HUNTED NATION WIDE UNTIL ARE ARE DEAD OR GONE. . .PLAN TO RUN OR DIE, THIS IS A KINDNESS THAT WE GIVE YOU ALL WARNING, TAKE IT AND GO .”

“First it had a date on there, a specific date and it also mentioned that this was sort of a token for them to let us know that this was going to happen so we need to prepare,” said Khaula Hadeed, the executive director of CAIR-Alabama.

The email in effect warned not only Muslims, but also the African-American and Latino people to “run or they would die.”

“With the Birmingham Islamic Society specifically, they have a health center that is attached to it and they have a free clinic that local Muslim doctors run on a Sunday, so you take these things sort of seriously, and then there is a Sunday school like every other church on a Sunday,” Hadeed explained.

Local Muslims wanted to convey that they are no different from any other community, but said things are heighten because of the recent travel ban, “and we also believe that it is something that is heightened by the rhetoric of our elected officials – every single time there is divisiveness and intolerant ideas you’ll see something similar happen,” Hadeed said.

All this before another week of anticipation as President Donald Trump plans to reveal his newest travel ban, something local Muslims are prepared for, “but we’re also at the same time hopeful that there are people in America that all of us believe at the end of the day that the constitution prevails over the president,” Hadeed said.


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