Ashley’s Mom Monday: How to find deals at consignment sales

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Are you new to this consignment world or are you a seasoned consign-pro? Either way, I have what you need to know. For one, you can find some unbelievable prices on clothes or baby needs, but did you also know you can find gently used furniture to brand new toys, dress up clothes and sports gear?

“My son actually got a brand-new drone in a box, still in a box never used, for $10, so that was a huge buy,” said consignee Mindy Spevy. “My little girl got to princess dresses, one was $10 for a gorgeous Belle dress. We also have a whole section of sports equipment. A lot of that you only use one season and it usually gets pretty dirty if you’re playing on the ball-field, anyways. So, cleats for $5-$8, baseball pants, things like that.”

Even though you may only be spending a few bucks on that brand name shirt, it doesn’t mean you’re losing out on quality.

“We check everything that comes in so that we try not to have things with stains or holes or rips or anything like that,” said Spevy.

The prices just can’t be beat.

“We encourage our consignees to market at about 70% off of what they would have spent retail,” said Spevy. “You can get things from $1 to $5 still in fantastic condition.”

Here’s some advice on the best way to shop.

“The way I look at it is, which items are most important to me, what she has the least of that I need the most of, so usually it’s the clothes,” said consignee Stephanie Updike. “You just flip through the racks, pull everything you want. You’ve got your laundry basket with a belt, you’re pulling it, then I want to go to books because that’s her next favorite thing. Then we’re going to say toys, unless there is a large item that you might see on stage when you first walk in. You grab that first, go put it in the hold section, then continue on. Keep going at it.”

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