Doctors warn of uptick in diseases, need for care

(WIAT) — Cases of flu and cold are sweeping the state, and doctors’ offices are filled with people seeking relief. Offices like MedHelp on Highway 280, where Dr. Michael Vaughn says he’s seen an influx of patients.

“A lot of people have the flu. We have been swamped the last couple of weeks,” Dr. Vaughn said.

Some of those people did take a flu shot, but that didn’t stop them from getting sick. John Bart-Plange says he missed work for five days when he got sick, even after taking the vaccine last year.

“I was shocked that I got the flu, because I’ve taken the flu shot,” Bart-Plange said.

That doesn’t mean you won’t get it, though, especially because flu strains can be difficult to predict, and there is no firm recipe for the flu shot.

“Sometimes they get it right and get the right dose in the vaccine, and sometimes they get it wrong,” Dr. Vaughn said.

It’s not just the flu making people feel sick, though. Dr. Vaughn says that upper respiratory infections, colds, and pneumonia are common this year.

“Cold, you don’t usually run a high fever, usually don’t ache all over, it’s a gradual thing, you feel it coming on. The flu, it’s sudden, it’s mean, and you get a temperature,” said Dr. Vaughn.

If you have questions about your symptoms, see your medical professional, and try to avoid going to work or school while contagious to avoid spreading the sickness to others.

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