Remembering Jack Warner

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT) — A Tuscaloosa icon passed away this weekend. Jack Warner died Saturday at the age of 99. His family is speaking out about his life and many contributions he made to the Tuscaloosa community.

Susan Warner spent Sunday with her son and many friends at their Lake Tuscaloosa home grieving the loss of their loved one Jack Warner.

“I don’t think it has totally sunk in yet, I still feel his presence,” said Susan. “I’ve been lucky to have my family, and my good friends around and we are going through pictures and it hasn’t really hit me. This man, we had the love of a lifetime and we were each other’s best friend.”

Jack Warner was born in Illinois in 1917 and moved to Tuscaloosa, Alabama as a child. Warner was known for many things, including being a philanthropist, businessman and art lover. The 99-year-old collected one of the greatest American art collections in the world. For more than fifty years Warner was the CEO and President of Gulf States Paper Company.

Jim Page says Warner’s legacy is amazing. Page met Warner five years ago and calls him a local pioneer and business legend. Page is the President of the Chamber of Commerce of West Alabama.

“Not only was he a respected and admired businessman, but he was so giving,” said Page. “Jack Warner did so much for this community and touched so many lives. Mr. Warner made a substantial donation to furnish and restore the University of Alabama’s President’s Mansion in 1996.”

Susan Warner says her husband will be missed.

“Jack was just one of those larger than life people. He was a great man in stature and heart and creativity. He was loving and very loyal. He was joyful, too. He was a man who lived in the moment and God really worked through him to create things of beauty.”

Warner says her family is in the process of making funeral arrangements. A date has not been set.

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