Meeting planned to discuss Homewood’s Rosedale revitalization plan

HOMEWOOD, Ala. (WIAT) — People living in Homewood’s Rosedale community are having a meeting to discuss a number of issues concerning community members.

The community has posted a petition on laying out points that they would like to see as part of a Rosedale revitalization plan. The main issue of concern amongst residents is that as Homewood has changed, Rosedale has reeled only a small percent of the benefits.

The community, tucked comfortably behind 18th Street and within walking distance of Homewood’s vibrant downtown, is in need of rehabilitation. There are rundown homes, overgrown properties and eroded streets.

In the petition put forth by residents, it is noted that the city just recently received $110 million in funding for schools and city projects. Rosedale residents want to see some of that money pumped into their community.

“You can look at the difference between Rosedale and Homewood and it’s not the same,” said Rosedale resident, Sterling Jones. “They are all made pretty, bricked and here is just the ghetto”.

The city will be holding a meeting Tuesday night at 6 p.m. at the Lee Community Center in Homewood to address a lot of issues concerning residents.

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