Alabama baseball ‘drafts’ 9-year-old boy with bone cancer

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT) — Jack Plowman is your average boy. He loves football and baseball, videos games and Mountain Dew.

Four months ago, Jack was set to begin his youth baseball season, until a scary moment turned into a nightmare.

“He fell after practice and we thought he broke his arm and after scans and X-rays it turned out to be a type of bone cancer,” said Jack’s mother, Chrissy Plowman. “He’s not getting to play this spring and so he’s been down about that.”

At just 9 years old, Jack’s bone cancer diagnosis will keep him from playing first base this season. That’s where Alabama baseball stepped in. Head coach Greg Goff and the Tide “drafted” Jack Wednesday afternoon as an honorary member of the team.

“Those guys are going to be able to support him and his battle against cancer. And for us that’s the most important thing, that he has somebody to support him as he goes through this battle,” said Jack’s grandfather Harry Labhart.

Jack’s big day at Bama couldn’t have come at a better time, as he underwent surgery Thursday morning.

“That’s a tough day tomorrow going into surgery and having to deal with that. So I just thought what a great day it would be as you go through something so scary, to just give him some confidence that we’re here for him and we’re going to get through this battle together,” said Goff.

With a day full of baseball, Bama gear, pre-game meal and video games, Jack Plowman was all smiles.

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