‘Dancing with a Doc’ spreads heart disease awareness

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — You may have noticed CBS42 News got behind the American Heart Association’s Go Red campaign. It’s a push throughout the month of February to get women to focus on their heart health. One church group helped spread the word with an effort called ‘Dancing with a Doc.’

Every Saturday morning, the Sixth Avenue Baptist Church Sliders gather for a good cardio workout through dance. This past Saturday, the line dance session had more meaning.

Lois Germany gets the word out for the group.

“Specifically today we honed in on cardiology,” said Germany. “We needed to know why it is important, what it is our heart is going to do when we exercise.”

So the Sliders brought in Dr. Jimmie Dotson, an Interventional Cardiologist, for a day they called ‘Dancing with a Doc.’

“It helps condition the heart to flow better and it definitely helps with stress and stress is a big component of heart disease,” said Dr. Dotson.

Dr. Dotson didn’t stop dancing with these Sliders. He encouraged these women and some men to take better care of their hearts. Dr. Dotson provided some hope for diabetes patients in answering a question about amputations.

“If you know anybody with a diabetic ulcer, don’t let someone take out their toe or take out their leg right away,’ said Dr. Dotson. “Let them have an angiogram because most of the time either I or someone else could improve their blood flow and they won’t have to have an amputation.”

Dancing is a good first step for the Sliders. Many of them or their relatives have a long history of heart disease. By dancing with Dr. Dotson, they learned why it’s important they should quit smoking, know their risk factors, know their numbers with blood pressure and cholesterol, stay at a healthy weight and exercise.

“Dancing is an excellent form of exercise and our motto for the Sliders is we pray, we dance and we sweat,” said Germany.

The doctor told the Sliders that most cardiac events in women can be prevented by changing their lifestyle.

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