Fight breaks out before celebrity basketball game during Jubilee in Selma

SELMA, Ala (WIAT) — A large fight broke on Saturday evening at Selma High School gym. There was a celebrity basketball game for the Jubilee.  People were in stands there to see the game when the fight broke out.

“I was coaching the high schoolers against the celebrity players and just as the game was about to start a big giant fight broke out,” said Dallas County District Attorney Michael Jackson.

Jackson said the fight was gang related. The video shows a police officer using mace to clear the stands.

The event was sponsored by Best of Student Shooters Boss Youth League Fund Inc, a local non-profit organization uses that sports to teach area youth business.

“They do try to mentor kids and send them in a positive direction and it was sad you have these young people to mar the event with that kind of behavior,” said Jackson.

Selma police chief Spencer Collier said that four minors were arrested at the scene and more arrests are possible.

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