High school basketball champions visit biggest fan in the hospital

MOUNDVILLE, Ala. (WIAT) — A high school basketball team in Hale County is paying tribute to a student who was injured in a car accident.  But one of their fans could not watch the team win the big game, so the team paid him a special visit.

Last weekend, the Hale County High School basketball team from Moundville won their State Championship game.  After bringing home the division trophy, the Hale County High school basketball squad decided to visit seventh-grade student Levi Morrow at Children’s of Alabama.  The middle school student was hurt in a car accident last October.

Team member Chris Rollins says putting a smile on the face of Morrow meant more than winning the championship.

“It was great seeing and great to see him smile and it made our day to make his day,” Rollins said. “This kid has been through a lot, and we are members of our community and that means we are supposed to help others.”

Coach Antwan Butler agrees.

“It was good and great because he was smiling from ear to ear.  He can’t talk but he was smiling and moving so you know he appreciated us coming,” Butler said. “This is what we do in Hale County, and it was great to see this young man happy after going through so much.”

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