Sign up now: King’s Home needs your help to launch AL car tag & ‘do so much good’

(CBS42 Community) — The King’s Home needs your help reaching 1,000 pre-commit signatures for their King’s Home car tag. After years of planning and designing, they’ve reached the final countdown in gaining 1,000 pre-commit sign ups before the May 31st deadline.

“We really want this to go through,” King’s Home Development Director John Tidwell said. “This would be such a blessing for Kings Home.”

“This car tag will do so much good,” President Lew Burdette said. “It will make it an eternal difference in the lives of abused youth and moms and kids at Kings Home. It’s a $50 donation. It’s so easy. And it brings so much hope.”

Sign up now for your own King’s Home license plate; the process is simple. It only takes a few minutes. You’ll need to know your current license tag number and have your credit card on hand.

Here are the steps:

“It’s all online. There’s no going to the DMV. And thank God for that,” Tidwell laughed.

Once you’ve hit submit, you’ll become a critical part of reaching the 1,000 pre-commit signatures before the May 31st deadline.  $42 of your money goes directly to fund programs that help abused youth, moms, and kids throughout the state of Alabama.

“That’s why we have a horse therapy program. That’s why we have a pottery program and an art therapy program. That’s why we have a music program. That’s why we have a horticulture therapy program,” Lew explained.  “Because we never know how God is going to use that to change somebody’s life. That’s the kind of hope and opportunity that kids are getting every day at King’s Home.”

Every pre-commit signature matters in making a difference in the lives of youth, women, and children.

“Now we’re just hoping to go through the finish line and get 1000,” Tidwell said. “When we drive around town and see car tags one day, it will be like family. It will be like a family reunion. I’ll be blowing my horn and saying, ‘hey I see your car tag!’ It’s going to be great.”

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