Two Birmingham companies partner to bring safe, clean water to underserved countries

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Two Birmingham companies are partnering together to provide safe, clean drinking water to people around the world. Royal Cup Coffee and Tea wants to decrease the number of people dying every year due to unclean drinking water and Neverthirst is a Homewood-based international nonprofit that is dedicated to bringing clean water to underserved people.

“We’ve been able to get to know Neverthirst very well,” said Howard Chapman, President of Office Beverage Division at Royal Cup. “The fact that they’ve completed 5,906 projects and served over 403,000 people since launching in 2008 was meaningful to us and our employees are committed to making this a long-term partnership.”

Coffee pods and whole bean coffees are included in Royal Cup’s ‘Roar’ line. For every serving of Roar coffee sold, $0.02 will benefit Neverthirst. Royal Cup expects to generate a six-figure donation for the non-profit by the end of 2017. To purchase Roar coffee, click here.

Royal Cup Coffee and Tea and Neverthirst hope to build wells and provide water filters in under-served countries such as Cambodia, Sudan, South Sudan, India, Chad and Nepal. An $8,500 donation can build a well in South Sudan that would provide clean drinking water to 400-600 people.

“The great thing about this initiative is that people don’t have to change anything they’re already doing,” said Michael Hogue, Marketing Manager for Royal Cup. “They just have to keep drinking coffee and they’ll make a difference.”

For more information on Royal Cup and Neverthirst, click here. 

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