Bracketology: March Madness in the workplace

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — The workplace gets a little more interesting during the first couple of rounds of the NCAA tournament, but whether it’s a barber shop or even a TV newsroom, remember – it’s March Madness.

Thursday marks the official kickoff of March Madness and millions of brackets have already been completed.

Lots of money on the table through various office pools and personal bets on which teams will make it to Phoenix, Arizona for the Final 4.

Predicting a field of 64 teams down to 1, will have several work places like Legends Barbershop in Hoover at odds over who will win.

“The Tarheels man, I think they are a strong team,” said Marvin Humphrey, a master barber.

Well, we all know money makes anything a little more interesting, but exactly how much?

“A lil bubble gum money, a lil lunch money, something like that not a whole lot,” said Humphrey.

“What money? I don’t have any money to put in a pool,” said Jordyn Elston, an intern at CBS42 news.

With two Alabama teams in Jacksonville State and Troy going dancing – the madness happens even in our own newsroom here at CBS42 news.

“The average I’ll go is about 10 or 20 bucks, anymore, then it better be something serious,” said Erik Coleman, a floor director at CBS42 News.

According to a study – work productivity decreases in the workplace during the first two rounds of March Madness, “People are so busy here that they don’t have time to check their bracket and stop doing what they are supposed to be doing,” Elston said.

“Naaa I get my work done first and then have play time later,” Coleman said.

Before brackets get busted – we know all eyes will be glued to the TV come Thursday.

The American Gaming Association estimated that Americans will wager $10.4 billion on March Madness, up 13% from last year.


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