Hope Clinic in Walker County closes its doors

JASPER, ALA. (WIAT)- The Hope Clinic in Walker County which provided free health care and prescription medication to low income people in Walker County has closed its doors. The facility closed Wednesday afternoon due to lack of funding. It was an emotional day for the both the patients and workers.

There was hugging and saying goodbye between patients and workers at Hope clinic as they closed Wednesday afternoon. Wednesday patients picked up medications and paper work.

David Wolf said he really relied on this place to get medication for his wife who’s had type 1 diabetes for 51 years.

“About the only help we can get I am on disability, and I can’t get my wife on disability so a hard roll to roll,” said Wolf.

Linda Robinson has been coming here for six years.

“All the nurses, all the volunteers, everyone that has been here has been great, I couldn’t ask for any sweeter people. I have had no insurance for a number of years, and I still don’t. Its going to be greatly missed,” said Robinson.

Mary Ann Seel is a volunteer at the clinic who helped people like Robinson.

“It’s one of the best things that ever happened, and I don’t think people realize what they are losing,” said Seel.

Over the years the clinic has provided a lot of much needed free care. The clinic had more than 9,000 total patient visits since 2006.

“That accounts to $371,000 in physician pay if we charged to see a physician,” said RN Debora Arnold.

They also filled 111,000 prescriptions.

The clinic said its closing because they don’t have enough money to operate. They rely on donations and grants and did not have enough to continue operations.

Wolf and other patients say they plans to go another clinic, but it won’t be free.


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