‘New Year, New You’ program changing life of man who previously documented others’ journeys

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Year after year we make resolutions that typically consist of losing weight, working out more and eating better. About a month into the new year, we’ve ditched the unrealistic goals and returned to our old habits. Shows like Biggest Loser give off the mindset you can do it quickly, but realistically the outcomes are not the same.

Owner of Meta Fitness, Matt Crane, created a program that realistically sets people up for a healthy transformation. It’s called “New Year, New You.”

Crane’s passion behind “New Year, New You” stems from a young age.

“I remember growing up how that felt,” Crane said about being obese as a child. “The struggles I had internally with that, and now understanding it’s so much different for kids. Especially kids growing up now than when I was growing up.”

Crane found a way to use this campaign as a charity. At the big reveal in July each year, there is an auction that raises money for childhood obesity. “New Year, New You” partners with a Children’s of Alabama program for childhood obesity to help bring awareness to this issue generation after generation.

Candidates apply to be the winner of a seven-month personal training and personal nutritionist campaign. Over the seven months, the focus is on lifestyle change. The journey is documented, and the community gets invested in the candidate achieving their goals. From January to July, Crane focuses the winner on being “one day better.” The candidate has to fight the battle of obesity while still living their normal lives.

This year’s candidate is drawing special attention because of the role he’s played in year’s passed. Chandler Wallace, is the 2017 recipient of the New Year, New You program. For the last five years, Wallace has been the one behind the camera, documenting the journey’s of individuals saving their lives. Wallace himself was obese. “To see the change that occurs in each candidate…it really affected me,” Wallace said. “That was started about five years ago, and I feel like wow, I need to start addressing my own weight. Year after year, same thing. At the beginning of the process, all these candidates were nominated, and I would interview them, tell their story of why they wanted to be the candidate that year. At same time of filming these people and thinking, I have as much or sometimes even a greater issue to deal with.”

This was the year Wallace decided to take control of his health and ask Crane to make him the recipient. Crane had waited years to hear that.

“If I can be honest, from the very beginning Chandler was like a brother to me, and this whole New Year, New You thing was just kind of a catalyst for all this to come to where it is now,” Crane said.

The community has rallied behind Wallace while he works day in and day out to be “one day better.” CBS 42 will be following the transformation. We will post updates from Wallace on this page until July when the big reveal takes place!

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