Parole denied for convicted Homewood child molestor

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WIAT) — A convicted child molester from Homewood went before a parole board Wednesday morning and was denied. Victims of Don Corley have worked for years to keep him behind bars.

Corley was the leader of his church and Boy Scouts for years. In that time, victims of molestation have come forward to share their stories of abuse involving  Corley.

The victims banded together to share their stories in hopes of not only pushing to keep Corley is prison, but also to create a sense of healing. Corley pleaded guilty to multiple counts of sodomy and sexual abuse. He was sentenced to ten years in prison for each of the three victims who pressed charges. There are 30 in total.

Those 30 inspired the campaign, ’30 is 30′. The victims want him to serve his time.

Victim Jason Lee spoke on Wednesday in Montgomery, along with the Alabama Attorney General and an officer from the Homewood Police Department who says he is friends/former classmates with several victims.

Corley was denied parole by the board, and will not be released until his sentence ends in April 2020.

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