Tuscaloosa police step up patrols for Spring Break amid increase in break-ins

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT) — The Tuscaloosa Police Department is stepping up patrols this week to help cut down on home break-ins during spring break.

Thousands of students at the University of Alabama are out of school during the break, and that is why more police officers are out in the community patrolling neighborhoods to make sure criminals are not breaking into homes.

Lieutenant Teena Richardson says the beefed up patrols are done every year. This year, police are seeing a rise in the numbers of home break-in cases.

“It is very important in deterring crime, the more officers they see on the street hopefully that will reduce crime or prevent anyone who has the desire to want to break in or steal something from a resident’s house. Visibility is important and is one of the measures we are taking this time,” Richardson said.

Richardson says per policy she can’t disclose how many officers are part of the stepped up community spring break patrol program. Richardson says if you are still in town and see any suspicious activity please call them. They are here for you and your home protection.

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