Victims come together and successfully advocate against parole for serial child molester

MONTGOMERY, ALA. (WIAT) – Don Corley of Homewood was denied parole for the final time in a hearing in Montgomery, Wednesday.

Corley was found guilty of sexually molesting three young boys in 1995 after three decades of abuse; however, victims said that he preyed on 40 or more children during that time.  He was a Boy Scouts and church leader–in addition to being a husband and father.  Victims said he operated in plain-sight, using those positions of authority to seek out and molest children.

“Only three pressed charges,” the first victim, Jason Lee, told the board, “but there were over 40 victims.  We’re confident in that.”

Corley’s final victim, Brandon Baginski, explained to the Alabama Pardons and Parole Board that the statute of limitations shut out some victims that wanted to press charges.  Others, he said, were too afraid to come forward publicly.

“For the safety of this generation of children and my future children, deny Charles Donald Corley parole,” Baginski told the board.  “To keep him and those like him in jail for as long as his sentence and the law allows.”

After hearing testimony from the three victims, local law enforcement, the local District Attorney, and the state Attorney General; the board took only seconds to deliberate before denying parole.  Corley will be released on April 16, 2020.

“It means that finally, after 22 years, we no longer have to tell people how bad of a man this person was,” said Baginski.  “We’re relieved that we don’t have to come here and do this anymore.  We are free to actually follow what we want to do now.”

Lee, who founded the website, 30 is 30, said that now the group can focus it’s attention away from this specific case and Corley.  Instead, they can shift more on helping others.  “I can’t begin to tell you how much taking action–as a victim–turns you from victim to survivor,” he said.

Corley will actually not serve all 30 years of his sentence, despite the group’s tireless efforts.  It’s something Lee said that he has ‘raged against’.

“Don Corley was apparently a model citizen in jail,” Lee said.  “My theory is, because there were no little boys in jail for him to attack.”

Lee explained that while incarcerated, Corley was able to earn time back on his sentence for good behavior.  Corley is being released nearly 5 1/2 years early.



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