Neighbors of deceased Pickens County woman remember her as a “very loveable person”

CARROLLTON, Ala. (WIAT) — Friends and neighbors who knew a missing woman from Pickens County are heartbroken after learning she was found dead on Wednesday inside a home in Mccalla.

Sherry Leal and Dawn Farish want justice for their friend and former neighbor. Leal says she hopes Christy Cook’s killer is punished.

“Whoever did it needs to get the highest account there is for her,” Leal said. “Because I don’t think Christy deserved to be killed.”

Leal lives in a quiet neighborhood in Carrollton, and got to know Cook who used lived down the street from her home for the past eight months before she recently moved away. Leal was holding onto hope that Cook would be found safe, but Thursday afternoon she received the bad news that her friend was found murdered.

“It has been known and confirmed to me that she is no longer here,” Leal said. “It is very disturbing and I know her family’s hearts are breaking. Because the family members I have been talking to say Christy was a very loveable person.”

Leal says her friend Christy Cook loved music and would help anyone who needed it.

“Christy is a kind person, anytime we needed her to do something or spend time, she would come up here and do it. She is sweet, kind and wonderful,” Leal said. “The most upsetting thing about all this is that she left with someone from our neighborhood and we haven’t seen her since and she never came back.”

The Pickens County Sheriff says Cook was traveling to Tennessee but did not arrive at her destination. She was driving a black 2005 GMC pickup and pulling a 1995 Excel Ski boat on a trailer.

Leal and Dawn Farish tell CBS 42 they have been in touch with the victims family.  They are not sure if relatives of Christy Cook are planning a funeral.

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