EPA holding Public meeting regarding proposed PCB cleanup plan in Anniston

ANNISTON, ALA (WIAT) — A public meeting was held at the Anniston Meeting Center Thursday to discuss the EPA’s proposed plan to clean up around the old Monsanto plant.

The EPA has stated that there are PCB’s, or polychlorinated biphenyls, and possibly other toxic compounds in the soil in Snow Creek. The cleanup project could cost up to 36 million dollars.

“The main source is the former production facility,” said Pam Scully, with the EPA.

The EPA is looking to clean up along a five-mile stretch in different parts of Snow Creek, mainly looking at removing impacted soil tainted by PCB’s, which can be very dangerous to wildlife.

“It’s an ecological risk to receptors in the area birds, anything else that lives in the area,” Scully said.

Anniston Resident Austin Jones said he would like something done.

”We live in the environment, we are part of it, we have a responsibility to those behind us like our children,” Jones said. “I hope our administration makes the right decision on this.”

The EPA said if the plan is approved it could take several years to be completed.

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