Woman heartbroken over heirloom cross lost at Fayette Chevron

Left: Photo of Melody Haynes Sharp on her wedding day with the cross featured in her bouquet. Right: Melody and her grandmother Brenda Glover.

FAYETTE, Ala. (WIAT) — Could you imagine if you lost an heirloom that meant the world to you? Cullman native Melody Haynes Sharp can.

Sharp is distraught over the loss of her late grandmother’s cross. She reached out to CBS42 for help to locate the cross after she lost it at the new Chevron gas station in Fayette Thursday afternoon.

“It was given to me by my grandmother right before she passed away. I wear it every single day and am lost without it,” Sharp explained. She even featured the cross in her wedding bouquet.

She was wearing the cross on a chain the day she lost it, and says both the chain and clasp are perfectly intact, so she thinks the cross must have broken somehow and fallen off.

Sharp told us she called the gas station to see if anyone had turned the cross in. The manager told her a man came in, told the cashier he found it and that it must be his lucky day and walked out with it.

The gas station reviewed their security footage to see if they could make out his license plate number, but they were not able to. Melody is trying to harness the power of social media to get the word out.

“If you have anyone on your friends list from Fayette or near Fayette, please share this,” Melody pleaded. “I just want my cross back. No questions will be asked when turned in.”

The gas station manager did provide a description of the man and his vehicle: He is an older gentleman with grey hair driving a red two-door older model Toyota truck.

Melody explained the story behind why the cross means so much to her.

“My grandmother was probably the single most influential person in my life. I spent tons of time at her house. She was literally an angel on Earth. She taught me, my brother and cousin tons of Bible stories and personally kept myself in church. We had a conversation before she passed where she asked me what all I wanted to say and how I felt. All I could say was that is wasn’t fair that God would do this. [She], of course being so strong in her faith, reminded me God’s purpose for her life. And she gave me the cross,” Sharp reflected. “Well I lost my faith some when she died, but the cross has served as a reminder for me of that conversation and how I want to be even half as good of person as her, and how strong she was in her faith. As I’ve matured, I can see the silver lining she described and have grown in my faith hopefully following in her footsteps.”

Melody described the cross as about an inch long, maybe a half-inch wide. She says it has several slight grooves down the length and across the sides that give it texture. The edges taper off, and the back is smooth, possibly with a couple tiny numbers on the back.

If you know anything about Melody’s missing cross, please send her an email at mhaynes331@gmail.com or a Facebook message.

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