Looking for a last minute vacation idea?

CLANTON, Ala. (CBS42 Community) – If you are looking for a last minute Spring Break vacation idea, why not try a night camping in an RV! Yellowhammer RV is currently offering the Happy Camper Program.

“If you’re not really sure if you want a camper or not, come and experience it. It’s only $99. It’s a $499 value. And then if you do want to buy a camper at the end of that weekend, we’ll honor that $499 value as your down payment,” said owner Andrew Cooley.

Cooley says that camping is his passion. As a child, he went on countless family camping trips.

“When you go camping, you have to put down your X-box or your smartphone and you have to talk to each other because you’re in such a small space there. And it’s fun. I started selling RVs and washing campers at the age of twelve. Just doing it little by little over time, falling in love with it, and then actually going camping once a month my whole life growing up left a really great impression on me. And so I know what camping can do for a family. So I want others to have that same experience,” Cooley said.

If you decide to purchase an RV, the experts at Yellowhammer RV make sure your first camping experience is fun by helping you learn all the ins and outs of your RV.

“Usually something goes wrong the first camping experience you have. So we want you to camp here with us. So when something does go wrong, we can fix it for you. That way, you stay a happy camper,” said Cooley.

These days, campers are much more high tech. Many have apps that you can connect with your smartphone.

“So whenever you need to let your awning in or out, you can just press a button. You don’t have to get out of the bed when it’s cold outside at night,” Cooley said.

The Right RV app also brings service straight to you. This saves time, money, and takes away a lot of stress.

“For us to connect with the next millennial generation coming up, we’ve got to meet them on their playing field. And that’s what we’re doing by partnering with RightRV,” said Cooley.

Meet Andrew Cooley and his team at 908 Dandy Lane in Clanton. Or call (205) 755-2623.

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